Machine Specifications

Make – Barnaul Russia

Model- K8338

Capacity- 630

Yom- 1973


Ram stroke: 150 mm

Number of strokes in 1 minute: 40

Shut height: 420 mm

Stamping area: 560 mm

Stamping area adjustment: 15 mm

Table size: 630x630 mm

Lower knockout

Nominal effort: 630 ton

Hammer Drop Forging

Make - Massey, UK

Capacity- 2.25 ton

Weight of the machine - 70 Tonnes (approx)

The hammer is now in dismantled condition.

Work Done:-

#. Fly wheel casting

#. Fly wheel fully machined

#. Fly wheel balancing

#. Main shaft servicing

#. Brake liner servicing

#. Motor binding and servicing both motor (40HP Each)

#. New anvil bolt spring is ready

#. Guide wedge servicing

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