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#. Press Knuckle Joint Coining (Completely reconditioned by VK Engg)

Work Done by VK Engg:-

  1. TOP Linkage pin has been cracked and replaced with a new one. Splines bush replaced with new one.
  1. The main motor and platform replaced.
  1. Lubrication pipeline replaced with new one.
  1. Lubrication pump has been repaired with a new return line system with filter.
  1. New counterbalance rod and piston.
  1. Liner plates relining.
  1. All pneumatic seals have been replaced.
  1. New Electric panel will be supplied as per customers need (Make of PLC).

Machine Specifications:

Make – Barnaul Russia

Model- K8338

Capacity- 630

Yom- 1973


Ram stroke: 150 mm

Number of strokes in 1 minute: 40

Shut height: 420 mm

Stamping area: 560 mm

Stamping area adjustment: 15 mm

Table size: 630x630 mm

Lower knockout

Nominal effort: 630 ton

Coining Press

Hammer Drop Forging:

Make - Massey, UK

Capacity- 2.25 ton

Weight of the machine - 70 Tonnes (approx)

The hammer is now in dismantled condition.

Work Done:-

  1. Fly wheel casting
  1. Fly wheel fully machined.
  1. Fly wheel balancing
  1. Fly wheel assembled
  1. Main shaft servicing
  1. Brake liner servicing
  1. Motor binding and servicing both motor (40HP Each)
  1. New anvil bolt spring is ready
  1. Guide wedge servicing

Hammer Drop Forging

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