Products & Services


The company offers the following Products in Used and New condition sourced from overseas and India:

  1. Hydraulic Billet Shears with auto loading from China.
  1. Bolsters for presses (Mechanical and Hydraulic) from India.
  1. Forging presses (Used and brand new) with capacity 300 to 12,500 Tons.
  1. Open die forging presses with capacity range from 1,000 to 25,000 Tons.
  1. Supply of sheet metal press from abroad and India.
  1. Supply of toolroom equipment (VMC, HMC, Turning centres, VTL, Gear hobber, Gear Shaper, etc).
  1. Robots for Automation.
  1. Spare parts for the forging presses.


The company provides services for:

  1. Sourcing of used machinery from around the world.
  1. Recondition/Retrofit the machinery from the team of experts under this own supervision.
  1. Manufacture spares which needs to replaced/ re-machined as per the customer requirement.
  1. Manufacture brand new electrical panels with PLC (Make and Model desired by customer)
  1. Installation of new lubrication system.
  1. Brake and clutch friction liners for presses.
  1. Reverse engineering to archive critical part drawings to cater to buyer in future.
  1. Provide automation using conveyers and robots.
  1. Provide automation with transfer mechanism.
  1. Provide turnkey projects for tool design, bolsters, base frame, foundation, complete lay down cables, etc.
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